2013 Kickoff Party!

As posted on the calendar, here are the details for the Kick-Off Party!

WHERE: Aje Cafe, 2942 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60657

WHEN: SUNDAY, October 27th, 2013, 2pm to 6pm **

WHAT: All-ages, accessible via public transportation (brown, purple, red lines), they have great food available for purchase, and are a very nice location! Check them out at http://www.ajecafe.com

Also, Open Books has graciously donated a gift card for raffle, and I have a couple of great NaNoWriMo posters available, folks can be entered for the raffle by making a small donation to NaNoWriMo at the Kick-Off Party! Stickers will be provided to all participants as well.

** This is a change; it was originally going to be held on Saturday, October 26th. I apologize if this creates an inconvenience for people. Unfortunately, I was unable to secure a venue for Saturday because it is such a busy day of the week. I hope you can make it anyways!

How ChiWriMo Can Give $2500 to NaNoWriMo Without Going Broke!

Hi Friends!

For folks who have already donated to NaNoWriMo this year or in years past, thank you so much for your support! NaNoWriMo is only possible through your donations.

If you are having trouble donating, it’s OK! We get it. Times have been tough all over the world for a while now, and everyone understands. Chicago in particular has had a tough time recovering from the recession. BUT: There is a still a way to support NaNoWriMo without ever opening your wallet.

I’m talking about GoodSearch. This is a search engine powered by Yahoo! that makes a one-penny donation to a charity of the users’ choice every time they do a web search.

I don’t know about you, but I do a LOT of searching. And I admit it: Google is my search engine of choice. But take a moment to do some math with me (don’t worry, it’s not hard):

In 2012, Chicago had 1652 participants. It’s a safe bet that we’ll get around that many participants again this year, if not more. If our whole region commits to doing all of their internet searching in November through GoodSearch, let’s assume we’ll average about 5 searches per user, per day for 30 days in the month of November. That translates into $2478.00 in the month of November from ChiWriMo alone! So it may only seem like a few pennies from you, but if you add it to the pennies of others, it adds up to a LOT of pennies!

If you are willing to commit to using GoodSearch in November for all of your searching needs, with NaNoWriMo as the beneficiary of your searches, please post here with your commitment so we can bask in the happiness of helping out one of our favorite yearly events!


How to Host a Write-In

1) Pick a date, time, and location. If you want to gauge interest first, feel free to post a thread on the regional forum to see if there are people in your area who’d want to meet up! Otherwise, if you just pick a time and spot that works for you, I can put it on the calendar and you can see who shows up. Worst case scenario, you spend a couple hours writing outside your house!

2) Put the details in the “Calendar” thread in the format I provided so I can add it to the Google Calendar.

3) Show up. This should go without saying but just to make sure… :-) Bring a little table tent or sign with you that says “NaNoWriMo” or mention that you’ll be wearing a bright t-shirt or hat, or something identifiable, so that people can find you! Have fun with your fellow WriMos – sprint, word war, banter, or make awkward conversation. All are acceptable.

Anything else is purely optional. If you want to bring snacks and are going somewhere that allows them, great! Extra outlets are also good – in my ML’ing kit, I always bring some power strips. But again, that’s optional!

You can host as many write-ins as you want – have it be a regular weekly event, or just one or two throughout November.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!