Chat FAQ

This is the official ChiWriMo chatroom, powered by IRC (internet relay chat!)  You can use this space to chat with other writers and participate in mini word-wars.

How do I join?

You can come up with any nickname you’d like, as long as it’s not already registered.  Our channel is #chiwrimo.  Enter that information and click “Start,” and you should be good to go!

I came up with a really awesome nickname.  How do I register it so that nobody else can use it?

Enter your nickname in the login box and click “Start.”  Once you are in the chatroom, type the following into the message box:

/msg NickServ REGISTER password

Make sure “password” is a secure password and “” is the email you’d like to use.  The IRC fairies will send you an email confirming your registration; enter the verification registration command in the chat message box, and your nickname is yours forever.

That sounds like too much work.  Do I have to register?

Nope!  No registration is required to participate in the chat.  You can enter any nickname you’d like, but if you don’t register it, there’s nothing to stop someone else from using it once you exit the chat session.

Who is “ChanServ”?  He’s not very talkative…

ChanServ is our server robot who helps us automate channel management.  He’s pretty shy, so he won’t stick around if there are more than two users in the room.

How do I send a private message?

Type /msg, followed by the person’s nickname, followed by the message.  (For example: “/msg samanthamichele7 How’s it going?”)  This will open up a new tab with your private conversation.

What are some other useful commands?

All of the following should be started with a forward slash (“/”)

/HELP shows general help or help on the given command.
/QUIT exits your IRC session, (same as BYE and EXIT)
/NICK changes your nickname
/AWAY leaves a message saying you’re away or not paying attention
/WHOIS displays information about someone
/ME sends anything about you to a channel or QUERY
/MSG sends a private message
/QUERY starts a private conversation
/NOTICE sends a private message
/NOTIFY informs you when people logging in or out IRC
/IGNORE removes output from specific people