Getting to Know Your MLs: MalikT

Hi everybody!

Welcome to NaNoWriMo 2019 in the ChiWriMo region! November is right around the corner, can you believe it? 

We’re gearing up for a fun month of novel-writing mayhem, so to kick things off, we’re doing a little “getting to know you” segment so you can learn a little more about your municipal liaison team here in ChiWriMo.

Second up: Malik


Stats and Facts:


 NaNoWriMo Username: MalikT

 Facebook Group name: Malik Turley

 Years doing NaNoWriMo: 2012, 2016-present

 Years being an ML: Two!

 Favorite part of Nano: I’m a “pantser” and I love being surprised by the twists and turns my novel takes!

 Most challenging part of Nano: holding onto the ideas that pop up between writing sessions!

 Most memorable Nano moment: making myself cry writing the final scene of my 2016 novel.

 Other miscellaneous fun: I am a professional bellydance teacher and performer, I had a short story published in the inaugural issue of Castabout Arts & Literature, and I have a drink named after me at Ward Eight.

 Favorite Writing Quote: “Kill your darlings.” – Stephen King


Hello! My name is Malik, and I am a writer.

That is not an introduction I would have written a few years ago. I had toyed with NaNoWriMo once back in 2012 on a whim. My bestie was doing it and her excitement was contagious. The whole sitting-down-and-writing-every-day part was less contagious…I wrote each weekend, got to just over 17K words, and then let it go.

So how can I call myself a writer now? That same friend was my inspiration again in 2016. This time, she wasn’t here to do Nano (Cancer took Jen from us in March of 2016). I felt like her Nano energy needed to stay in the world, and I had gotten more practice in doing things daily through my dance life. I signed up again and committed to seeing it through in her honor.

That year I discovered that I genuinely love writing! The craft, the community, and the chance to fill the world with strong characters all speak to me. I enjoy playing with different genres, points of view, and story lengths. Writing has become an integral part of my self-care routine, and I owe that all to Jen and Nano. Three novels and a handful of short stories later, My name is Malik and I am a writer.

In November I’ll add “Nano Cheerleader” to my twitter name and will be here in the Chiwrimo area to help you celebrate your successes and push past your blocks. Virtually and at the in-person write ins, look for me if you need a boost!

We. Can. Do. This!

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